• Product name: AR600-C-S-1
  • Product type: Under-sink
  • Capacity/day: 600 GPD (94L/H)
  • Features:

    - Tankless water purifier, guaranteed the water purity and freshness.
    – Patented RO- Side Stream membrane with highest recovery of water. It can reduce at least 56% of waste water, increase 66% of pure water output and prolong 1.5 times of RO longevity vs. traditional one.
    – Elegant integrated electronic faucet with filter replacement reminder.
    – Tankless, compact design, space saving.
    – Price: 16.500.000 VNĐ

AR600-C-S-1 with RO- Side Stream technology is none to second for your family.

Công nghệ RO-Side Stream bản quyền Mỹ

RO – Side Stream membrane patented in USA.

A. O. Smith’s RO – Side Stream membrane delivers the highest recovery of water. It can reduce at least 56% of waste water, increase 66% of pure water output and prolong 1.5 times the RO membrane longevity vs. a traditional membrane. Besides, this technology also helps to remove up to 99.9% heavy metals, pesticide residues, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances from the water.

Especially, RO – Side Stream technology bring “The comprehensive savings” for customers.

Giải pháp tiết kiệm toàn diện

Efficiency comparison chart between A. O. Smith’s RO Side – Stream and Traditional RO.

Efficiency comparison chart between A. O. Smith’s RO Side – Stream and Traditional RO.

(*)The comparisons are evaluated, examined and estimated between A. O. Smith’s RO Water purifiers and Traditional RO Water purifiers under the same operational condition and the same input-water quality in A. O. Smith Corporate Technology Center.

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Tiện nghi vượt trội

The world first tankless water purifier.

Tankless direct flow enhances the hygiene by preventing secondary contamination.

Maximum capacity: 2.271 liters / day meeting your family endless demand of pure water.

Elegant integrated electronic faucet with filter replacement reminder.

Hệ thống kiểm soát điện tử (EPM)

A. O. Smith PDA device is connected to water purifier though USB port to diagnose the whole system to detect if any error to ensure the highest quality water output.

Máy lọc nước RO công nghệ Mỹ


Filter replacement reminder: The machine will remind user of replacing filter with sound and color when filter life is due. Faucet will also set reminder with corresponding color at the same time.

Water leakage protection: When water leakage is detected, it will stop operation automatically and turn off water pump as well as inlet solenoid valve to prevent water leakage. Alarm indicator on the display screen will flicker and alarm buzzes. It can only be reset after power on and troubleshooting.

Intelligent flush: Flush RO membrane automatically when the unit is powered on.

van đt

Combined solenoid valves connected to PCB control the water flow speed, direction, flush of RO…

Automatic control: control the whole unit’s operation status automatically, such as automatic shutdown due to shortage of feed water, automatic flush, error, early warning etc.


An toàn, tin cậy

A. O. Smith product components developed there obtain certifications from NSF – and WQA, very important quality assurance firms in the water treatment field in the US. They certified by NSF International with NSF / ANSI no. 58 and no.42. With regard to materials, A. O. Smith exceeds the strict statutory requirements in the industry by fabricating the best fittings and parts used in water treatment equipment. A. O. Smith guarantees the highest possible purity of water from your device by using unique, proprietary technology and by applying strict quality controls beginning with raw materials through to the finished product.



Technical Parameters
  • Product modelAR600-C-S-1
  • FunctionNormal Water
  • Input voltageAC 220V, 50~60Hz
  • Rated Power107 W
  • Feed water pressure0.1MPa~0.35MPa
  • Feed water temperature5~38℃
  • Feed water conditionMunicipal tap water
  • Production capacity per day600 GPD (94L/H)
  • Flush typeAuto Flush
  • Electricity protection typeType I
Size & Weight
  • Size (W x D x H) (mm)425 X 175 X 490
  • Weight (kg)13
From time to time without notice, the specifications may change due to product upgrade and improvement.

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To ensure A. O. Smith customers enjoy the highest quality of pure water, the filter replacement periodically done by our professional service team. For any assistance, please contact our hotline 1800-1228.

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