The appealing ‘sizzling’ sound from an American brand name

A. O. Smith’s 140-year history is unlike any other and stands behind the company’s path to development every step of the way. Looking at its history, one cannot help but thinking about a well-known saying: “To know everything is to know nothing”. That is why A. O. Smith has been consistently on top of the world in water treatment technology, as consumers give their trust to this brand name.

Someone may say that to sell something, you must know how to give a sales pitch. A smart pitch is one that intrigues customers to explore the product and understand the values that the maker wants to present to buyers through their products. Once you are convinced of the values and benefits a product may offer, you’ll want to buy it.


With more than 140 years of experience, it seems that A. O. Smith, the world leading provider of water treatment solutions and technologies has created its own unique style in its ‘pitch’.It starts with “listening well to understand your customers”, which then guides continued innovation to create products that provide local consumers with the best solutions, thus winning trust.

Mr. Elmer Wheeler, a reputed American sales expert used to summarize his successful sales career with: “Sell the appealing ‘sizzling’ sound rather than the beefsteak”. What is this ‘sizzling’ sound that A. O. Smith has to allureits buyers? Is this ‘sound’ non-stop innovation based on profound consumer understanding and useful selling points?

A. O. Smith’s pitch or the ‘sizzling sound’ is enough to draw customers’ attention to come over and look. The company’s branding concept is built based on serious planning, visionary thinking and a ‘heart big enough’ to embrace customers. That may be the reason why the A. O. Smith team has always found a way to make sure the company is firmly on track in its sustainable growth path, carrying customer support and trust. A. O. Smith’s branding strategy does not rely on doing anything to give just a good pitch but instead relies on listening carefully to customers, not making too many promises and always trying hard to make sure the company does what it says it will do. A. O. Smith takes publicity seriously and gives high credit to “fairness and honesty in every information and advertisement”.

A. O. Smith uses applied technology solutions and inventions to create optimal products that help maximize user benefit. Their dedication has kept them at the forefront of the industry. In business, A. O. Smith inspires staff and finds new ways to improve performance and better solutions in each product it develops. Customers are left with superb impressions. And through their passionate work, the company has expanded into more than 60 countries around the world.


Starting small, A. O. Smith himself worked tirelesslyto hop from one milestone to the next by making parts for baby carriages, developing the first pressed steel car chassis in the world to acquiring a patent for glass-lined technology, which lead eventually to the water industry. Far ahead of its time, the company quickly became the largest water heater maker in the US. That also laid the groundwork for A. O. Smith’s next strategic steps towards water treatment.


Such hard work paid off as A. O. Smith became a name that was synonymous with trailblazer. Indeed, the first patent for Side-Stream technology RO filter membranes in the world came from A. O. Smith. The technology offers a comprehensive cost-saving solution by providing the highest purified water recovery output, energy efficiency and longer equipment service life. To date, in the water purification sector alone, A. O. Smith has obtained more than 140 patents for RO water purification technology applications, water softening technologies, industrial RO water filtration systems and other water treatment products. Side-Stream technology reverse osmosis (RO) filtration was awarded proprietary patent in the US. RO-Side Stream filter membranes are an innovative creation of A. O. Smith that helps improve performance and core service life. The Side Stream RO membranes can remove 99.9% of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury etc.) and harmful germs. Purified water output is increased by as much as 66%, wastewater is reduced by 56% and core filter last 1.5 times longer.

A. O. Smith has certainly found its ‘sizzling sound’ that appeals to customers. Exceptional value paired with research and development, innovative products and a customer-centered approach are all a part of a winning formula. As a result, it’s no surprise that A. O. Smith firmly holds the world leading position in water treatment technology.

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