Electronic Purification Management System

EPM 800 x 270

cảnh báo lõi lọc

Filter replacement reminder: The machine will remind user of replacing filter with sound and color when filter life is due. Faucet will also set reminder with corresponding color at the same time.

rò rỉ

Water leakage protection: When water leakage is detected, it will stop operation automatically and turn off water pump as well as inlet solenoid valve to prevent water leakage. Alarm indicator on the display screen will flicker and alarm buzzes.  It can only be reset after power on and troubleshooting.

sục rửa

Intelligent flush: Flush RO membrane automatically when the unit is powered on.

van đt

Combined solenoid valves connected to PCB control the water flow speed, direction, flush of RO.

lỗi vận hành

Automatic control: control the whole unit’s operation status automatically,  such as automatic shutdown due to shortage of feed water, automatic flush,  error, early warning etc.

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