Thorough treatment

A. O. Smith’s RO-Side Stream technology is seen as a breakthrough in reverse osmosis (RO) water purification.

Water pollution is increasing due to rapid industrialization and urbanization and has become an invisible killer in Vietnam, especially in large cities and coastal areas. According to Dr. Wilfridus M. Brouwer, Vice President of the A. O. Smith Corporation and President of Asia Operations, Vietnam has a quickly developing economy and the north of the country has a pressing need for treated water supply, specifically water filtration. “Increased use of land in agribusiness and industry and the use of private wells cause wastewater contamination,” Mr. Brouwer said. “This leads to a need for water purification among households.”

Reverse osmosis (RO) is widely regarded as sound technology to purify water to make it safe and healthy to drink, as it virtually removes all contaminants. RO membranes, as the name suggests, work in a reverse osmosis process, which is in the opposite direction to other normal non-electric, non-discharge ceramic cores, Nano cores, and UF cores often seen in low-cost water purifiers and filtration equipment.

These membranes often come in the form of small-sized purifier screens that effectively prevent impurities. Their downside, however, lies in the fact that they are unable to remove hazardous elements and pollutants because of the tiny molecular structure of the components, which cannot be entirely contained with this normal filtration mechanism. Thus, it cannot produce entirely purified water.


Water purifiers using the RO technology also have a common weakness, which is the large volume of water they consume. Ten liters of input water can produce about two to three liters of purified water, meaning that wastewater accounts for 70-80 per cent of the total volume. There is currently no absolute solution to purify water sources contaminated with arsenic in places like Hanoi.

A. O. Smith’s invention is game-changing the water industry and it has the first patent in the world for its RO Side-Stream purification, which was rated as helping water purifiers to generate the highest recovery ratio.

The technology changes the membrane’s structural composition, increases the flow velocity on the membrane’s surface, limits density polarization on membrane surfaces, reduces the levels of contamination and thus improves purified water recovery efficiency, cutting wastewater discharge and extending cartridge service length.ROSS

The technology helps to reduce wastewater discharge by at least 56 per cent, increasing purified water output by 66 per cent and extending the service length of RO cores by 1.5 times. RO-Side Stream technology membranes can remove 99.9 per cent of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury etc.), and harmful germs and viruses, according to SGS (an inspection, verification, testing and certification company) and NSF (a product testing, inspection and certification organization).

Through dedicated research and development, A. O. Smith unveiled in Vietnam the first domestic tank-less water purification in the world, capable of preventing recontamination, saving space and ensuring purified and fresh water supply at all times.

A. O. Smith’s RO-Side Stream water purification also comes with an EPM (Electronic Paver Management) electronic control system. It is often difficult to know exactly when to change purifier cartridges and this system resolves this issue.

The system is linked with the equipment through USB connections and, based on the daily consumption of purified water output, controls and informs users about when to change cores. The system also helps by giving warnings on leakage, core cleansing, operational errors, inlet control, inlet and discharge, flow rate, and automated membrane cleansing.

Facts & Figures

$600 million will be invested by fiber producer Hyosung Vietnam Limited to expand its business in the southern province of Dong Nai. Hyosung Vietnam is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Hyosung Corp, produces fiber of all kinds, and has been operating in Dong Nai for more than seven years.

$275 million will be invested by Rowsley Ltd. to buy a 50 per cent stake in a company that wholly owns the HAGL Myanmar Centre, one of the country’s largest integrated projects with four office blocks, a five-star hotel, a retail mall, and serviced and residential apartments. HAGL will make further investments and will undertake the construction of the entire project.

$234 million will be granted by the ADB to support Vietnam’s reforms to strengthen the country’s competitiveness and help deliver a sustainable urban transport system in Hanoi. The signed agreements include a $230 million policy loan for the Improving Competitiveness Program, which will support the Economic Management Competitive Credit Program. The second agreement is for a $4.2 million loan for the Strengthening Sustainable Urban Transport for the Hanoi Metro Line 3 Project.

$100 million has been invested by the Hong Kong-based Hamon Investment Group and Son Kim Land Corp. to build a luxury residential real estate project in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City. The agreement, signed on February 12, provides for a high-end project, Gateway Thao Dien, to include a total of 546 condominiums and apartments along with a hotel that will be managed in accordance with international five-star standards by the Hamon Investment Group. 

$89.3 million will be invested by the Da Nhim-Ham Thuan-Da Mi Hydropower JSC to expand the Da Nhim hydroelectric power plant in south-central Ninh Thuan province. Under the expansion project, a turbine with a capacity of 80MW will be added to the Da Nhim plant, raising total capacity from 160MW to 240MW.

$60 million in total revenue has been planned by Vinatex and the Itochu Group over the next five years. The two leading textile and garment makers have signed a framework cooperative agreement to implement a string of new projects on finished textiles-dyeing products and raw materials in Vietnam. 

$27.9 million will be invested by the Vincom Retail Joint Stock Company under Vingroup and the Haiphong Real Estate Development and Investment Company to build a shopping and entertainment complex in the northern city of Hai Phong. The complex is located at the center of the city with a total floor area of 48,000 square meters.

Source: http://vneconomictimes.com/article/business/thorough-treatment

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