Vision and Values




Our vision is to be a leading, globally diversified provider of innovative, energy-efficient products used to heat and clean water, providing extraordinary value to customers and maximizing returns to our shareholders.

To achieve our vision, we will:

  • Emphasize high-growth markets worldwide;
  • Achieve leading market share positions for every segment of our business;
  • Bring to market a continuous flow of innovative, energy-efficient and reliable products that have a compelling value proposition to our customers;
  • Operate world-class facilities with highly efficient processes to manufacture and distribute technologically superior, high-quality, reliable products and services;
  • Earn customer loyalty by providing best-in-class value and outstanding customer service;
  • Build on our reputation and deliver our brand promise;
  • Create a high-performance environment that attracts, develops, and retains top talent around the world.

Statement of Values

We developed this set of values as guidelines for conducting our business and interacting with our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we do business. Our success depends upon all of our employees, officers, and directors working together toward the same goals and sharing the same values.

A. O. Smith will achieve profitable growth
Profitable growth is essential for A. O. Smith’s future. To achieve profitable growth, we must provide:

  • New and high-quality products for our customers;
  • Greater opportunity for individual advancement and improved job security;
  • Growth in investment value for our stockholders.

Not only will we seek an above-average return on stockholders’ investment, we will grow in a planned way so that:

  • Our business units will have individualized growth rates that complement each other and produce a company that grows faster than the U. S. economy;
  • The capital requirements of growth will be supported by funds generated by our above-average return on investment and by external sources, such as borrowing and equity.

A. O. Smith will emphasize innovation
Innovation is a primary source of profitable growth. Therefore, we will:

  • Achieve market leadership in all major product lines through innovation and continuous improvement that increases the value of our products and services to our customers;
  • Seek innovative ways to improve our effectiveness as an organization and the productivity of our facilities;
  • Foster development of attitudes and skills in our people that encourages involvement and creativity;
  • Achieve management excellence to produce the best results and position our company for future growth;
  • Focus on achieving profitable growth with a disciplined approach to mitigating risk.

A. O. Smith will preserve its good name
In all dealings with people and organizations, we will act with uncompromising integrity. We will:

  • Be fair and truthful in all claims and advertising;
  • Deal fairly with customers, suppliers, competitors, government and regulatory agencies, and employees;
  • Strictly adhere to all laws and seek only honorable goals while rejecting unethical practices;
  • Achieve high standards of quality in all aspects of the business;
  • Instill these values in succeeding generations of employees.

A. O. Smith will be a good place to work
In operating our company, we will attract imaginative and competent people. We will emphasize teamwork and welcome diversity in seeking our objectives. We will:

  • Create a climate where respect for the individual is fundamental;
  • Encourage the freedom and personal growth that comes with self-discipline and enthusiasm for work;
  • Treat each other fairly and without discrimination;
  • Pay individuals equitably according to their contributions;
  • Provide safe equipment, proper materials, and training and always insist on safe practices.

A. O. Smith will be a good citizen
To serve the public and the communities in which we do business, we will:

  • Strive for growth that contributes to the economic well-being of the communities in which we are located;
  • Provide financial support for and encourage our people to involve themselves in worthwhile civic activities;
  • Insist that our plants and operations comply with environmental standards;
  • Encourage, in every appropriate way, the protection and preservation of the free enterprise system so necessary for the attainment of these objectives.

Our guiding principles

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 A.O.Smith Integrity Helpline

A. O. Smith employees have a responsibility to follow all laws and policies, ask questions if they are not sure about an action or a decision and speak up to report any violations. The A. O. Smith Integrity Help Line is just one of many ways for employees to fulfill those responsibilities.  Employees can visit the Integrity Helpline website at www.aosintegrity.com or call the Integrity Help Line: Vietnam 1-201-0288, then dial 800-350-1325